How to Book a Bet


Step 1. You must log in with your MonieBet account to Book a Bet, click the menu icon on the bottom page from the homepage and then select “Book a Bet”
Step 2. Kindly follow all the instruction on how to Book a Bet.

Step 1. Visit
Step 2. Make the selections of bet you want to place.
Step 3. Click on the Bet button
Step 4. Copy the Booking number
Step 5. Click on the ‘Book a Bet’ icon from the top menu.
Step 6. Paste the booking number
Step 7. Click “Book a Bet’
Step 8. Enter your registered email account and click send or print.
Step 9. Take your booking code to the nearest MonieBet shop close to you and show your confirmation booked bet.
Step 10. Make payment for the bet to the cashier and then your bet would be officially placed.

Note: Your betting odds may change, and bets will be placed using the odds at the time of payment.